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A Word from our President
The motorcoach business is very much a part of the revolution taking place in the world of transportation. Deregulation in the airline industry sparked a major corporate scramble to survive in a highly competitive environment. Privatization in the motorcoach industry has and will continue to have an impact.

This major shakeout has already happened with a number of airlines and bus companies going out of business.

A review of recent transportation publications within the industry indicate that companies like Inner City Transit will do well in the 21st century; with the best mix of managerial talent, efficient equipment, strong centralized controls and given a strong economy. Many of the public transportation systems will no longer have large federal subsidies to maintain their profitability.

I wish it was possible for me to know each customer personally, so that I could express just how much I appreciate your loyalty to us. I want to thank you for your friendship and patronage. If you have not already used our services, it is my sincere hope that you will in the near future.

In the pursuit of excellence, we will continue with great determination to attend to our duties more adequately. We will only better our services by widening our comprehension of your wishes. In addition, we shall endeavor to keep pace with the rapidly changing economic and marketing conditions, and interpret them to your advantage.

Thank you for trusting Inner City Transit as your ultimate transportation service.

W. James Cobbin